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Putting Content Online : A Practical Guide For Libraries

RRP $304.99

This book focuses on practical, standards-based approaches to planning, executing and managing projects in which libraries and other cultural institutions digitize material and make it available on the web (or make collections of born-digital material available). Topics include evaluating material for digitization, intellectual property issues, metadata standards, digital library content management systems, search and retrieval considerations, project management, project operations, proposal writing, and libraries' emerging role as publishers.

How To Market Yourself As A Freelance Content Writer

RRP $16.99

If you have always dreamed of writing and are ready to take your writing seriously, this is the book for you. Freelance content writer, Deborah Killion gives you the insider secrets on how to make a serious living doing what you love and building your name as a writer. Nothing happens overnight. But with patience and practice, you can reach some level of success. Deb makes over $3500 per month writing. Find out how you can create your writing career without any formal training, if you choose.

Web Content - The Beginner's Masterclass

RRP $18.99

At long last, a guide to writing online content that shows the reader direct examples rather than endless fluffy guidance.

Web Content - The Beginner's Masterclass offers a practical and demonstrative means toward gaining your own, distinct content authoring style.

Written with the intent of leading by example, this book contains a selection of articles which encompass many of the more popular subjects and genres commonly seen in the online news media. Through these demonstrative means, it intends to imbue many of the key aspects of content and copy writing while maintaining a strong weighting toward a high grade of 'shareability' through audience preferential of social media channels. The book revolves around its three pillars:IDENTITY - Crafting a unique, recognizable voice. PURPOSE - Embodying clarity in topic choice.STANDING APART - Being different from the banal crowd. Transforming the benign, day-to-day and week-to-week occurrences into a style at once keynote serves to imbue the budding content writer with an edge over the more conventional competitor. It is through this that the essential spirit of Web Content - The Beginner's Masterclass was assembled. Current and contemporary, this book takes into account the fact that search engines are becoming ever more selective in what they highlight and what they leave. Generic writing, the samey and the dull lose out, while writing and content with genuine spirit, humour and style is promoted. The power of words at once eye-catching and colourful with an intense, instantaneous 'shareability' is precisely what the modern day Internet values and rates. Designed as a unique and quirky compliment to a de facto manual of style, veteran online content author and journalist TIMOTHY JONES brings writing to life for readers keen to enhance, improve and realize their talents. With this handbook, they will confront the field of web and news content creation with genuine eagerness.

Creative Writing For Kids

RRP $16.99

Use this book of hands-on learning exercises to help teach older elementary kids creative writing in a workshop format. The booklet lays out interactive brainstorming and story forming exercises to get children engaged, overcome their shyness or nerves, and actually start writing in the course of one hour and a half long workshop. Exercises and tips are based on two workshop sessions, but teachers may adapt the material as needed to fit their timeframes.

Catastrophe And Contention In Rural China

RRP $233.99

This book documents how China's rural people remember the great famine of Maoist rule, which proved to be the worst famine in modern world history. Ralph A. Thaxton, Jr., sheds new light on how China's socialist rulers drove rural dwellers to hunger and starvation, on how powerless villagers formed resistance to the corruption and coercion of collectivization, and on how their hidden and contentious acts, both individual and concerted, allowed them to survive and escape the predatory grip of leaders and networks in the thrall of Mao's authoritarian plan for a full-throttle realization of communism - a plan that engendered an unprecedented disaster for rural families. Based on his study of a rural village's memories of the famine, Thaxton argues that these memories persisted long after the events of the famine and shaped rural resistance to the socialist state, both before and after the post-Mao era of reform.


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