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Blogging For Beginners

RRP $18.99

Blogging for Beginners
Learn How to Start and Maintain a Successful Blog the Simple Way!

In recent years, 'Blogging' has become one of the most widely used words on the internet and in books. In this book, we will explore many facets of blogging which will help to kick-start your goal of becoming a success story in blogging or at least familiarize yourself with this new internet craze.
This is an ultimate beginner's guide to blogging because it starts where other books never start. In this book, I do not make assumptions about what the reader knows. First, we will explore exactly what a blog is. You cannot start a blog if you do not know what it is! We will then discuss several reasons why different people start blogging, from wanting to get their voice out to the masses, to establishing a profitable business venture.
As we delve further into the topic, this book will introduce you to the many different types of blogs that you can start when you begin your journey, and then we will discuss the ingredients of a good blog. Lastly, we will explore the technicalities of setting up a blog and how to promote and monetize your new blog.
Are YOU Ready to Blog???
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • What is Blogging and Why Do It?
  • Reasons for Blogging
  • Types of Blogs
  • The Qualities of a Successful Blogger
  • Ingredients for a Blog
  • Creating Content for Your Blog
  • How to Promote Your Blog
  • Where to Get Traffic
  • Much, much more!

Thank You for Choosing This Book

How To Make Money From Your Blog By Blogging To A Book

RRP $15.99

Are you starting a blog and want to know how make money from blogging? Do you want to make extra income from articles that you've already written? Are you struggling to be seen as an influencer and a leader by your clients and peers? Would you like to reinforce your credibility and your personal brand? Or do you just want to put all that content you've written over the years to good use? You can make more money from your blog by repurposing your articles into a book, and at the same time establish yourself as a knowledge expert in your field. I've written thousands of articles over the years, and each of those can be reused as content in a book. It's hard work writing articles and promoting them so that you gain readers and, more importantly, build a relationship with them. A book created from content that you've already written will establish or reinforce your credibility and support to your personal branding efforts. This combines the art of writing blog copy, one that makes a reader "click," with the added punch of being a published author. How to Make Money from Your Blog. You can do this by Blogging to a Book. Inside, you'll discover:

  • How do you get started?
  • What do you need to do to make articles suitable for a book?
  • How do you promote the book?
  • Can the book promote the blog?
  • These and other questions are answered within..
These and other questions are answered within.. When you are finished, you will understand how to convert your hard work into a book, which will increase your credibility, make you more income, and add to your personal brand. Scroll up and buy now!

Super Skills How To Be A Blogger & Vlogger In 10

RRP $16.99

How to be a Blogger and Vlogger: Covers the ten core skills to master in order to get started in the world of blogging, vlogging and podcasting. From planning what you want to share with the world and learning how to stay safe online, to finding out the top tips for filming a vlog, this book leads the way.

Handy Sandy Starts A Business

RRP $18.99

Have you ever dreamed of having a successful kid business? Take your first step by diving into an amazing adventure where you become the boss. Handy Sandy Starts a Business allows you to become part of the book by being the illustrator. Questions in the book prompt you to think about Handy Sandy's business and then about your own. In Handy Sandy Starts a Business, Handy Sandy learns what it takes to become a successful business owner and help other kids along the way. As you read the book, you'll draw the pictures according to your imagination. After you're done reading about Handy Sandy, it's time to start dreaming about your business. The last chapter of this book is all about you and your entrepreneurial spirit! So jump in and explore what the world has for you.

Weblogs And Libraries

RRP $304.99

Summary: This book discusses the topic of 'weblogs and libraries' from two main perspectives: weblogs as sources of information for libraries and librarians; and weblogs as tools that libraries can use to promote their services and to provide a means of communication with their clients. Key Features: (1) No other book currently available specifically addresses this highly topical subject; (2) weblogs are becoming more important as sources of up-to-date information on many different topics, and so librarians need to be aware of these resources, how they are created and by whom; (3) weblogs are already important as sources of news and current professional information in the field of library and information science; this book helps librarians to become familiar with the best weblogs in this field; (4) while relatively few libraries have created their own weblogs, the use of weblogs has been recommended in the library/information press as a way of providing information for library patrons; this book helps library managers to make decisions about a weblog for their library. The Author: Dr L. Anne Clyde is Professor and Chair of the Library and Information Science Department at the University of Iceland, where she teaches courses related to information technology in libraries and information agencies. She is the author of numerous books and articles. Readership: Librarians working in user services or in IT units in academic and public libraries, school librarians and students of library and information science. Contents: An overview of the weblog and blogging phenomenon Weblogs as sources of current information Finding weblogs Weblogs in the field of library and information science Weblogscreated by libraries: the state of the art Creating a weblog: the options Managing the li


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