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Luke Weil's How To Monetize A Small Blog

RRP $12.99

Luke Weil gives readers an up-close look at the strategies he has used to generate such immense success as a blogger. After starting off with just a small blog and no clear monetization strategy, Weil's blog became such a sensation that he was able to make a career out of the platform he created merely as a hobby. Even though his initial success came almost entirely by accident, Weil has since created a host of other wildly successful blogs while consulting countless others on how to generate significant streams of revenue through blogging.

In his book, "Luke Weil's How To Monetize A Small Blog," Weil takes the reader through the various options available to bloggers and explains how to best determine the right choice for a specific blog. Taking a nuanced approach that offers a complete view of every available monetization strategy, Weil's book provides readers with all of the insight they could possibly need to make informed decisions regarding the development of an overarching monetization strategy. An especially valuable book for beginning bloggers, Weil's explanations are clear and concise so readers that may be largely unfamiliar with the world of blogging will feel quite confident as they make their first foray into the valuable online platform.

Unafraid to admit the mistakes he has made during his career as a blogger, Weil's self-deprecating tone belies the colossal success he has enjoyed while writing about subjects he so thoroughly enjoys. In his book, Weil explains how he learned from his initial mistakes and offers advice to readers regarding how to avoid those mistakes and how to bounce back after any possible misstep.

Weil consistently emphasizes the importance of consistently producing quality content and offering something of value to readers, so his book offers valuable insight regarding the appropriate use of monetization strategies while maintaining a clear commitment to loyal readers. Weil is something of a rarity in the blogging world, as he has been able to achieve an impressive level of financial success without ever compromising the quality of his writing. In his book, he explains to readers how they can achieve a similar level of financial success while remaining committed to producing consistently outstanding work.

Girls' Feminist Blogging In A Postfeminist Age

RRP $451.99

Girls' Feminist Blogging in a Postfeminist Age explores the practices of U.S.-based teenage girls who actively maintain feminist blogs and participate in the feminist blogosphere as readers, writers, and commenters on platforms including Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Drawing on interviews with bloggers between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one, as well as discursive textual analyses of feminist blogs and social networking postings authored by teenage girls, Keller addresses how these girls use blogging as a practice to articulate contemporary feminisms and craft their own identities as feminists and activists. In this sense, feminist girl bloggers defy hegemonic postfeminist and neoliberal girlhood subjectivities, a finding that Keller uses to complicate both academic and popular assertions that suggest teenage girls are uninterested in feminism.Instead, Keller maintains that these young bloggers employ digital media production to educate their peers about feminism, connect with like-minded activists, write feminist history, and make feminism visible within popular culture, practices that build upon and continue a lengthy tradition of American feminism into the twenty-first century.Girls' Feminist Bloggers in a Postfeminist Age challenges readers to not only reconsider teenage girls' online practices as politically and culturally significant, but to better understand their crucial role in a thriving contemporary feminism.

Blogging Brilliance

RRP $18.99

Blogging Brilliance - How To Make A Bundle On Your Blog

Would you like to earn more money doing something you're passionate about? To many people, the concept of leaving their day job, to work for themselves and to earn money doing something they're passionate about is hugely appealing, but they have no idea where to start. Brad Jones has been there and done that. He's now written a series of books to help walk people through various methods to making money online. Millions of people all over the world have demonstrated that you can make considerable amounts of money working part time, for yourself, with just a lap top and some enthusiasm. There are vast options with how to go about earning more money online.This book is all about Blogging For Beginners. It's designed to help you set up a Blog from scratch, and show how you can make multiple income streams Blogging Blogging is a great way to get into writing, connect with a like minded audience, make considerable money and leave your 9-5 job behind for good. This book gives you all the information you need to become a successful Blogger. If you have been thinking about starting your own business, writing, or just quitting your job to do something you love, then Blogging could be just what you were looking for to get your foot in the door and your ideas off the ground.

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn In A Beginners Guide To Starting A Blog And Making Money From Blgging...

  • What Is Blogging
  • How To Make A Career From Blogging
  • How To Start A Blog
  • Bringing In Traffic To Your Blog
  • Running A Great Blog
  • How To Make A Lot Of Money Blogging
  • Is Blogging Right For You
  • Resources
  • i>and much more!
The book contains specific action steps to take at the end of each chapter to ensure you're moving towards and increasing the chances of success Blogging.Download your copy today to receive all of this information. Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button Tags: Blogging, Blogging For Beginners, Blogging, Blogging Basics, Blogging Made Easy, Blogging For Dummies, Blogging For Profit, Blogging For Money, Side Hustle, Blogging, Blogging For Beginners, Blogging, Blogging Basics, Blogging Made Easy, Blogging For Dummies, Blogging For Profit, Blogging For Money, Side Hustle

Applied Asymptotic Methods In Nonlinear Oscillations

RRP $684.99

Many dynamical systems are described by differential equations that can be separated into one part, containing linear terms with constant coefficients, and a second part, relatively small compared with the first, containing nonlinear terms. Such a system is said to be weakly nonlinear. The small terms rendering the system nonlinear are referred to as perturbations. A weakly nonlinear system is called quasi-linear and is governed by quasi-linear differential equations. We will be interested in systems that reduce to harmonic oscillators in the absence of perturbations. This book is devoted primarily to applied asymptotic methods in nonlinear oscillations which are associated with the names of N. M. Krylov, N. N. Bogoli- ubov and Yu. A. Mitropolskii. The advantages of the present methods are their simplicity, especially for computing higher approximations, and their applicability to a large class of quasi-linear problems. In this book, we confine ourselves basi- cally to the scheme proposed by Krylov, Bogoliubov as stated in the monographs [6,211. We use these methods, and also develop and improve them for solving new problems and new classes of nonlinear differential equations. Although these methods have many applications in Mechanics, Physics and Technique, we will illustrate them only with examples which clearly show their strength and which are themselves of great interest. A certain amount of more advanced material has also been included, making the book suitable for a senior elective or a beginning graduate course on nonlinear oscillations.

How To Build A Profitable Blog Through Twitter

RRP $15.99

Learn how to boost your blog profits through the insights of pro blogger, island hopping traveler and twitter power user Ryan Biddulph Ryan reveals how you can boost your blogging income through tweeting the right way. From how to use tools for the maximum impact to learning the art of tweet engagement you'll get the strategies to build a full time income earning blog. This is a simple, easy read explaining how to use the Wild West of social media marketing to maximize your online income. Use these actionable tips to build your dream lifestyle today. Ryan Biddulph is an Amazon Best Selling Author. His Blogging from Paradise books have been endorsed by New York Times Best Selling Author Chris Brogan, Tom Joyner Show Producer and O Network Ambassador Nikki Woods and Million Dollar Business Builders Yaro Starak and Ande Lyons.


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