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Make Money As A Writer - How To Make A Full-time Income Writing Articles, Books, And Blogs (mogul Mom Work-at-home Book Series)

RRP $75.00

"I'd Give Anything to Work from Home!"

If you've ever wanted to work from home, you're not alone!

And if you're like most mothers...

You Want More Time with Your Kids
You'd Like to Earn More Money
You Desire More Control Over Your Schedule - Flexible Hours, Specific Days Off

But how can you make it happen?

Let Me Explain...

You really can have it all...a happy family, a successful career, a great income, and even more time for yourself!

If you are a CREATIVE mom looking to bring in extra cash every month without sacrificing your freedom...

If you are a CLEVER mom looking for a way to quit your job and finally stay at home with your kids...

If you are a RESOURCEFUL mom looking for a way to have more free time, make more money, and achieve your own success...

Writing is the opportunity you are looking for!

Writers are becoming more and more in-demand every single day. Businesses and individuals alike are in constant need of writers to create written content, including articles, stories, books, and blogs...and they're willing to pay good money!

Do you need any experience? No! The business of writing is easy to learn and I'll show you everything you need to know! I'll even show you how to get your first clients!

In just a few days, you could have your own freelance writing business up and running...all you need is a computer!

If you're ready to write for a living...get this book!

Blogger's Base Book

RRP $12.99

This book is created for the beginners users of blogger's service who want to know every single step for creating and using a free blog in the blogger. This book also containing the clear explanations for all of the features and menus functions that appear in the blogger. We are allowed to read and see many screenshot images that will make us become easier and faster to learn and understand the base knowledges for blogging in the blogger.

A Writer's Guide To Creative Blogging

RRP $13.99

Writers hear it all the time: if you want to reach new readers, you must have a strong online author platform. Publicists and successful writers agree that a blog is an essential element of any writer's social media presence. But in a world of competing outlets, this is easier said than done. How do you start a blog or even set one up? How do you attract followers? What should you even write about, anyway? Rebecca Emrich's blog, Living a Life of Writing, has been live for seven years. Through trial and error, she's learned how to produce compelling content, gaining a strong community of regular followers and contributors that include fellow successful blogger and coauthor, Paul Nieder. A Writer's Guide to Creative Blogging provides a slew of practical and easy-to-understand tips, from a glossary of basic terms to promotional advice, for those interested in making their blogging debut. If you love to write but aren't sure how to share your words with the world, this is the book with which to start. Your readers, and your Klout score, will thank you for it!


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